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Whats good everyone. For those who had a long weekend, sit back and enjoy a very interesting week in this world we call Hip Hop. Fabolous, Kat Stacks, Drake & Eminem all made the link for more...
FAB vs KAT...

New York rapper Fabolous has stepped forward to clear the air on his alleged recent involvement with groupie Kat Stacks being assaulted by his entourage.
Writing via Twitter, Fab played down the rumors and questioned Stacks' credibility.
"It's sad y'all believe anything y'all hear & see on the internet.. Especially from someone as credible as Kat Stacks *Smh*"
"Why would I SEND a DUDE to smack a GIRL?? But I know who sent someone to smack her... KARMA!! #RealSh*t." (Fabolous' Twitter)
On Friday (May 28), Stacks accused Fab of having his associates physically abuse her.
"yes its true @myfabolouslife sent people today to smack me up at the bar & they stole my phone & recorded it. i dare yall to blast it."
"got my a** wooped? it was 2 n*ggas yelling @myfabolouslife & @bowwow name ... im a female u got 2 n*ggas to hit me LOL lame." (Kat Stacks' Twitter)
Fab recently denied being romantically linked to Stacks.
"I've never met Kat Stacks," Fab promised in an interview with Tim Westwood. "I'm a hundred percent sure. [laughs] Let me tell you how I 'almost' met Kat Stacks. We were doing a video, 'Body Ya,' we were doing a video and we had girls from Twitterand the Internet or whatever, sending pictures to be a part of the video. And Kat Stacks was one of the girls who sent a picture in. Unfortunately, she didn't get chosen for the video. I think it was the bangs, the bangs weren't working, they were too low and we wouldn't have been able to see her -- this was before she was so key, because it was right before she went and did the Internet thing." (Tim Westwood TV)


Grammy-winning rapper Eminem has decided to treat fans to a visual for his "Not Afraid" single by releasing its music video next weekend.
Writing via Twitter, Em broke the news late Saturday (May 29) night.
"For those 'patiently waiting', the NOT AFRAID video will premier Saturday 6/5. Details later...#recovery" (Eminem's Twitter)
The single made Billboard history earlier this month.
Eminem will join a very elite club tomorrow when the new Billboard Hot 100 singles chart is unveiled. "Not Afraid" is the lead single from Eminem's new album "Recovery," due out on June 22. The single is the first to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 since Oct. 17, 2009, when Britney Spears' "3" danced in at No. 1. "Afraid" is only the second rap single to start at No. 1 following "I'll Be Missing You" by Puff Daddy & Faith Evans featuring 112, which began its 11-week run at the summit on the chart dated June 14, 1997. (Billboard)
Last week, Em also treated fans to the unveiling of his album's two artwork covers.
Just ripped these from Em's site. I'm sure higher resolutions will come soon. Hit the jump for the second one. If I had to guess, I would say the first image represents everyone watching him, and the second is supposed to show "the long road to Recovery" for him. Just personal thoughts. Any other ideas? (Hip Hop N More)
A tracklisting for Recovery was recently released online.
1. Cold Wind Blows 2. Talkin' 2 Myself Feat. Kobe 3. On Fire 4. Won't Back Down Ft. Pink 5. W.T.P. 6. Going Through Changes 7. Not Afraid 8. Seduction 9. No Love Ft. Lil Wayne 10. Space Bound 11. Cinderella Man 12. 25 to Life 13. So Bad 14. Almost Famous 15. Love the Way You Lie Ft. Rihanna 16. You're Never Over (Rap Radar)
Eminem's Recovery is scheduled to drop Tuesday, June 22nd.


Southern rapper Jacki-O recently talked about the public's hope of her taking on a potential rap beef with female newcomer Nicki Minaj.
Jacki claims she would never catch herself sparking a confrontation with Minaj and said she supported the New York emcee's rap movement.
"A lot of people ask me about [Nicki] and I think they wanna see if I'm gonna take shots... I've never been a hater. When I came in the game I never stepped on toes. As a female, you're being competitive when you rap and you may say little things while you rappin' but to come straight out and just take shots at another female, I never did that 'cause I never felt like I had to do that. I seen her bubblin' from the beginning. She reached out to me a couple times. We never got to a chance to work, but I always had words of encouragement for her, like, "Keep doin' ya thing, and just do you." And now that I see she's doin' that, she gon' get shot at [by other people]. I say, go for it, fuck 'em! Excuse my language, but just do you! If you look back and entertain the foolishness, then it's gonna take you off your focus, so, you know, I just say do you, and keep it moving!" (XXL Mag)

Young Money's Drake recently talked about his leaked Jay-Z collaboration, "Light It Up," and said the rap mogul gave him a life lesson.
According to Drake, they were unable to hit the studio together to create the record.
"'Light Up' really came from, Jay had a busy year, obviously, with The Blueprint 3 and the success of that and the tour," Drake said in an interview. "So we didn't do it in the same room. But me and Jay have a lot of great conversations, man. So it would never just be like, 'I'm gonna send you something, and we're not gonna talk about it, and you send it back. We really talked about it...And Jay's joint on the album is so important on the album, because it's another turning point. Whereas 'Over' is a turning point for me, 'Light Up' ... Jay, really, I think it's one of my favorite Jay verses. Jay not only gave me a great verse, but a life lesson. And I think he's gonna give everybody a life lesson just about this business. It's incredible." (MTV)
The song leaked online Thursday (May 28) morning.


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