Toronto man gets mugged on crowded subway...

Life in Toronto ain't pretty. For those of you living elsewhere, the level of crime in my city might come as a surprise. Domestic disputes, drug abuse and turf wars are as common as a February blizzard. We may not be the "city that never sleeps", but don't be mislead: the streets are always watching.

An elderly man was mugged on a Saturday. Doesn't sound that alarming until you release that the assault took place on a crowded subway train...@ 8:30pm. Two men allegedly approached Yusuf Hizel, 79, and asked for change. When he said he didnt have any, the pair stole his wallet and glasses.

Damn, now that's grimy...But it gets worse:

"They just grabbed me and took my wallet out from my pocket," Hizel told CityNews.
"I screamed to the passengers but they ignored it. The train was almost half full," he added.
Hizel couldn't reach the panic alarm strip and no one on board the train answered his call for help. His nose was cut during the attack.

The two suspects are described as:
wearing all black
There was a design or writing on the chest of one or both suspects' jackets

A Full obvious assistance...Welcome to Toronto!


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