May Fashion Guide: My Spring Essentials Collection...

1. The Cotton Suit

• The Great White Way
It's impossible to go wrong with a white dress shirt—as long as it's crisp and fits perfectly.
• Do Yourself a Solid
Leave the silk tie at home. Go for solid, cotton, cool.
• Play It Straight
Pocket square: No peaks, no poufs. Keep it square and white.
• Go Dark
You can't really argue with black lace-ups. Ever. You do own a pair, don't you?
Suit, DKNY, $595. Shirt, D&G, $215. Tie, Rag & Bone, $90. Pocket square, Paul Stuart, $60. Shoes, Aldo, $100.


article said...

I love the cotton suit. Of course it works perfectly with cotton ties. Thanks for sharing those well trusted labels.

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