Mobilicity Kicks A$$ (Rogers, Bell & Telus should take notes...)

This is dedicated to everyone suffering under a ridiculous cellphone contract imposed on us by the "Big 3": Rogers, Bell and Telus. Ive recently ended my long, stressful relationship with Rogers and am officially on the Mobilicity bandwagon. With no contract involved, I've signed up for possibly the GREATEST cellphone plan available: Unlimited everything!

North American calls, Data, Blackberry Internet, Global texting, picture/text/video messaging, Call waiting, Call forwarding, 3 way calling, Caller Id...etc. All for the ridiculous monthly fee of $39.55 (tax included). Yup, that's all. This is not a 3month, 6month or 1 year Drake would say, "It's Forever"

So, spread the word and lets tell these phone companies to go _____ themselves in 2011.

Click here ----> Mobilicity to find all compatible phones.


Anonymous said...

the mobilicity's website says that their top of the line plan is $45 + $10 for data.. did you negotiate?

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