Destiny's Child: The Rise Of Kevin Durant...

The playoffs are where legends are born. Well, so Ive been told. Tonight, as the Oklahoma City Thunder face elimination in their first ever series, Kevin Durant will add another chapter to his burgeoning career. This season, the 21 year old star earned his 1st NBA All-Star selection. became the youngest in league history to win the scoring title at 21, averaging 30.1 points per game, beating out LeBron James. Durant also set the modern record for most games in a row with at least 25 points, breaking Allen Iverson's old record.

But consider that the opening act. The 2010 NBA Playoffs is the stage where stars earn their name. The separation between "good", "great" and "legendary" is readily apparent at this time of the year. Reggie Miller cemented his Hall of Fame career by terrorizing the Knicks. Kobe Bryant earned his "Black Mamba" nickname by delivering in the clutch. Dwyane Wade carried a team of veterans past their prime to Miami's only NBA title. But now, its KD's turn.

Los Angeles wont make it easy. With a roster loaded up on talent and experience, the Lakers are focused on winning there 17h championship. Tonight, Durant has an opportunity to build his legacy. Its the biggest game of his career (so far) and, much like the late, great 2pac; its "all eyes on him".

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Lakers all the way!

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lebron is a beast...check out my blog and please follow me and i will follow 100% back thank you

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