Wiz Khalifa...

Now I might be a lil late with this one, but have y'all heard that "Kush & Orange Juice" mixtape from Wiz Khalifa. His stock has been on the rise since his 2005 debut "Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania". Kush and Orange Juice gained notice by becoming the No. 1 search and trending topics on Google and Twitter following it's release.

Lyrically raising the bar for his fellow "freshman" MC's, Wiz delivers witty one liners and well crafted verses which revolve around
partying, smoking marijuana, and pretty women.

New York Magazine
called the mixtape "a nice showcase of the youngun’s commercial appeal", and that it "makes us think classic G-Funk (specifically, D.J. Quik) and a party mindset."
You know that state of music has changed when commercial mags are reviewing "street albums".

Props to Wiz on another dope mixtape and to my peeps @ www.Mixfiend.com for the download...

Addicted Freestyle (courtesy of Worldstar HipHop)


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