A Letter to Allen Iverson...

Hey Allen. How you been, homie? Damn, its been like forever since I last saw you. Hows the wife and kids? Oops, my bad! I heard about your domestic issues. I'm sure it'll all blow over with time. Anyway, have you been watching the NBA playoffs this year?! Wow! Its been so intense and its only week 2. Ray Allen, Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant are fighting like dogs to get that championship trophy. That 1996 draft class is really representing nicely. Even Marcus Camby is putting in work for the Blazers. Wait a minute! Weren't you a part of that class? Hold on...you were the #1 pick, right. Damn...that seems like years ago. But I remember...trust me, I remember...

I remember watching you dunk on Marcus Camby during the 1996 NCAA tournament... I remember your blazing speed and ridiculous handles...I remember UCONN and Syracuse changing their defensive schemes to try and stop you. Ha! Ya right! I remember the so-called experts constantly yapping about your troubled past...I remember hearing how "young and immature" they thought you were...how you needed to stay in college 3 more years...Dummies.

Your game had no flaws, your intensity was unparalleled. You did what other players couldn't do. You said what others were afraid to say. You brought the streets to the league and the streets loved you for it. The braids. The ink. The wrist bands. The ankle bracelets. The officials banned your crossover...the vets criticized your hair...the media hated the tattoos. Remember that dress code that was put in place a few years ago? Yup, all thanks to you Allen Iverson. The league hated hip hop culture...and you are the living, breathing embodiment of it.

But time waits for no man and now you're at the crossroads. We hear the rumors. Gambling addiction. Alcohol abuse. Times are hard. But the streets will always love Allen Iverson. For better or for worse. Get your mind right...get your game right. We'll see you in the Hall of Fame soon enough...

Yo check 'em out, its the new A5's you gotta rock em
They even put a zone in the league to try to stop him
He's the Answer and the problem, you don't want it with
The way that boy go to the hole and take punishment
The young boss of the cross for four quarters
And from three point land, he's all water
Matter fact, call him the king
The way he breaks down the defense
Its like he got the ball on a string
And he will blow by you fast
Penetrate and dish it off
Or let it go high off the glass, ugh
All you need is a pair of these, nuttin else
Ya hesitation is stoppin, poppa we sumthin else

Jadakiss (Reebok Commercial)


Kathia said...

WOW!!!! You are a very talented writer. What a great article...you were on point with this. I have nothing to even add. I am not a huge bball follower but you made me feel like I am truly missing out.

Keep up the hot stuff!

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