School Clothes Academy, pt 2 (Nike Air Max 1 "Parra-X-Patta")

A pair of bright phat yellow Air Max
Hit the racks, stack 'em up Son, $20 off no tax

"Apollo Kids" - GhostFace Killa, 2000

Okay,I gotta be honest. These days, I get more excited over a sweet pair of kicks than a bad chic. Not to say that Toronto doesn't have plenty of eye candy. So, for my fellas looking for a new "franchise player" to join their roster this summer, these puppies from Nike will definitely turn heads.

Described as "lush as a rhubarb pie" by my co-d's @, the Nike Air Max "Parra x Patta" wont be available at ur local Champs or Footlocker (Do ya'll still shop there...really??). Check out and join their mailing list for official release and pricing information. But get in line...cuz they'll sellout fast!


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