Who is Nicki Minaj

Ladies night: Hair done. Nails did. Push-up Bras. Jeggings. High Heels. Lip Gloss. Make up. Every woman wants to look her best when its "lights camera action". Is it style over substance? Or merely playing the role to get what you want? Whether its an internal need for attention, the pursuit of happiness or the desire to express themselves, women understand the importance of appearance, style and beauty. Enter Nicki Minaj...the consistent contradiction.

(NICKI on the COME UP DVD, 2007) press PLAY to watch

This was my first introduction to Nicki Minaj. Looking sexy as hell as she sat in the staircase spitting fire and talking s#@t. She's a typical bad chic from Queens, New York ready to take on the world. Her confidence and swagger was evident even back then. Her initial mixtape "Playtime's over", was a certified banger. She destroyed each track with her witty wordplay, street demeanor and quirky sense of humor. It was clear that she would surpass the successful path laid out by fellow NY Femcees Foxy Brown and Lil Kim....then something changed...

(NICKI on Rip The Runway, 2010) press PLAY to watch...

Wow. From the accent, to the outfit, to her rhyme style. Nicki has transformed her self. But the question remains: Is she a product of marketing by her label, management and crew (Young Money)? Or, is this the natural progression of a young lady coming into her own? An artist expressing herself thru music AND style. Is it possible that she's always been a "Harajuku" Barbie and now shes free to be herself? Maybe the "ride or die" chic image she protrayed was all a front...a way to get the Hip Hop audiences attention. Think about it. Kanye didn't wear tight pants when he first stepped on the seen...Andre 3000 was sporting jerseys and jeans in OutKasts' debut videos. I'll let you determine where image and marketing begins...and artistic integrity ends. For now, lets enjoy the beats, lyrics and rhymes from Hip Hops next reigning Mrs....and allow her to blaze her own trail.

(Massive Attack- music video)


Kathia said...

I absolutely love my old Nikki! She was the realness. But there is no respect for femcess, they can't be street and be boyish. They have to always be sextified these days. So it may not be really her choice, but the fantasy of her management people. But I still enjoy what she is sending out now.

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