School Clothes Academy, pt.1

Whether you're single, taken or "complicated", you always wanna put your best look forward. For those working with a tight budget, its all about making smart choices this spring. It aint about how much you paid, its how you put it together. Welcome to the "School Clothes Academy"...

I'm Definitely NOT an advocate of the "slim fit" era...but I'm willing to trim some fat to make this bad boy work. Check it out at
Slim fit linen macro-plaid shirt $69.50 CDN.

Casual. That delicate area between the office and the street. This jacket will quickly become a MVP in your spring jacket lineup when its time to get fresh on a mild Toronto night. Cotton khaki trench jacket: $225.50 CDN

"Fitted/Skinny" Jeans aren't in my vocab. But, its still important to have a nice clean look below the waist to compliment your high-end kicks. These Sean Johns are a great addition to your grown man wardrobe. $69.99 CDN

These babies are disgusting. The Fly High Silvano are exclusive kicks found at Price N/A


Kathia said...

Good article!
A trench will never go out of style. It is a staple in a man or womans wardrobe. Love the jeans and not sure about the kicks...maybe a clean white hi-top. But love the grown man look ;)

Flyshyt Clothing Company said...

Whats Happening T Dot? Thank you for the love and support. These Fly High Silvanos are on some FLYSHYT, we have to stay linked. How do I follow your blog, there's no icon to hit?

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